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08:15 Registrierung PDF
08:30 Keynote: More Energy, Less Energy, Smart Energy? On the Dialectics of Computers and Energy Mattern (ETH)
09:15 Evaluation of Long-Term Scenarios for Power Generation and District Heating at Stadtwerke München Günther (Stadtwerke München)
09:30 Energiemanagement im Gebäude der Zukunft Hass (Siemens)
09:45 Denkanstösse der ICT-Branche zur Energiewende Imholz (asut)
10:00 Kaffeepause
Parallele Veranstaltungen von 10:30 bis 11:30 (Startup Sessions in Raum HIT K 51)
10:30 Automatically Identifying and Optimizing Energy-Efficient Building Designs Fenz (TU Wien) Startup Sessions HIT K 51
10:45 Feature Extraction and Filtering for Household Classification with Smart Meter Data Hopf (Uni Bamberg)
11:00 Increasing the Participation in IT-based energy Conservation Campaigns w. Norms and Incentives Lossin (ETH)
11:15 Towards Smart Individual-Room Heating for Residential Buildings von Bomhard (Uni St. Gallen) Jury Meeting
11:30 Kaffeepause
12:00 Funding Opportunities in our Field II: ERA-Net Hübner (bmvit)
12:15 Using Publish/Subscribe Middleware for Distributed EV Charging Optimization Rivera (TU München)
12:30 Marketing EV Charging in Car Parks Salah (KIT)
12:45 On the Effects of Signal Design in Electric Vehicle Charging using Vehicle-Originating-Signals Del Razo (TU München)
13:00 Towards Route Planning Algorithms for Electric Vehicles with Realistic Constraints Baum (KIT)
13:15 Mittagspause & DACH-EI Steering Committee Meeting (HIT K 51) Appelrath (Uni Oldenburg)
14:15 Moderne Verteilernetze für Deutschland Uslar (OFFIS)
14:30 The Electrical Grid and Supercomputing Centers Jørgensen (Syddansk Universitet)
14:45 Geometry Simplification According to Semantic Constraints Ullrich (Fraunhofer Austria)
15:00 Entwicklung von Regel- und  Betriebsführungsstrategien für Microgrids im Zuge des SORGLOS-Projekts Marchgraber (TU Wien)
15:15 Abschluss mit Ausblick Brinckmann (BMWi)
15:40 Ende der Konferenz